Monday, 4 June 2012

Aries and Pisces Compatibility

How many of you believe I'm all bad? There's been so much bad press about my time, the Piscean Era, that I've decided when it was my turn, I would speak up and tell you my side of the story. And it is my time right now as the Sun started moving through Section 12 which is named Pisces, after the Pisces constellation who transmits through me for Mother earth.

 Pisces Zodiac Teacher until Vernal Equinox

I'm your Zodiac teacher now, February 20, 2011, taking you right up to the Spring/Vernal Equinox. But who wants to study with someone that you don't respect? If you believe all that you've heard, you just might want to ignore me, pretend I don't exist.

 Pisces Zodiac Leader for 2100 Years.

I was the leader of the Zodiac constellations from approximately 106 A. D. until around 1850. At that time, I began to withdraw my energies and turn over to Aquarius which took less than 150 years, completing shortly before the end of the 20th Century, in 1994. Among the Zodiac constellations, we change leadership regularly, about every 2100 years.

 Aquarius' Transparency Promise

Aquarius is right here by my cosmic side, and one of Aquarius' vows is that you will know everything in the Aquarian Age. Makes sense, as one of Aquarius' virtues or qualities is transparency. I'm all for it, so I'm going to explain my time.

 Responsible for the Theater Stage

One thing to know is each of us, when it is our time of leadership of the Zodiac constellations, are responsible for setting up what you might think of as a theater, or stage where what we have to teach gets fully acted out by you; that is if you respond to our energies. The plot, the script of <em> Goodness Triumphs Over Evil </em>, has stayed the same so far from Zodiac sign to Zodiac sign. The starring roles of victim, villain and hero also are unchanged. The location, scenery, props and costumes change though, making it all appear quite different. You never can tell what will happen during Aquarius' time, as there are huge cosmic changes occurring right now; the God of Will is turning over to the Goddess of Love.

 Pisces Takes over From Aries

I emerged on the scene, taking over from Aries the Ram, assuming the Zodiac throne fully in 106 B. C. after a transition of over 200 years. Aries is the pioneer of the zodiac, the adventurer, always leading the way to something new. Aries' stage or location took place in the desert, naturally as aries and pisces is full of fiery energy. People sensitive to Aires' energy got to discover new land, and with the God of Will's help, the Israelites triumphed over the pharaohs. Moses went to the mountain top and the God of Will gave the 10 commandments. Maybe when it's Aries turn, you'll hear the whole story, for now I'm just summarizing it for you to show you the differences between Aries and my teachings.

 Aries Takes over From Taurus

You might like to read the Old Testament and find out when Aries took over from Taurus the Bull. Not everyone followed Aries you know, many clung to the past. The ones that did choose to follow, were made to feel special, being given the distinction of the Chosen People, which in a way they were, as they were responding to Aries energy. Those that kept clinging to the past of Taurus the bull were cast as villains, and those that left were good, triumphing over evil one more time.

 Jews Were Good

Also the Jews were seen as the good in <em> Goodness Triumphs Over Evil </em>, and the pharaohs that kept the Jews in bondage were cast as the villains. Naturally the heroes had to triumph over the Egyptians while saving the victims that were oppressed. Those who could survive, crossing the desert to the promise land, were also heroes.

 Pisces Must Overthrow Aries

Of course, I watched carefully when aries pisces compatibility was the zodiac leader as well as playing my part to the hilt, as I would need to come up with an equally compelling scenario that would keep people spellbound who were sensitive to my energy. Also I'd be taking over where Aries left off. Just as Aries made Taurus the villain and triumphed over the Bull, I would have to do the same. I would have to overthrow Aries, declare the Ram and Judaism bad, and get people to follow me.

 Applaud Me, Not Boo Me

One other thing you need to know, each of us must set up a compelling scenario and stage based on our energies and the qualities contained in the energies. My two energies and Idealism and Love, whatever I would devise had to be within that context.

 Aquarius a "Techy" Time

With no allegiance to me, you're free to immerse yourself into Aquarius' new setting which is most different, a real scientific "techy" time with spaceships for you to personally fly in, UFOs, aliens, robots, colonizing other planets.

 My Compelling Stage

I began to inspire people that a Messiah would be coming with every possible idealistic quality possible. Again, go to the Bible if you want that part of history, as these were the pioneers that were responding to my Piscean energies. Read about Elijah and John the Baptist being the messenger for me. Talk about the ultimate idealism, instead of Moses climbing the mountain top, you were guided by a star, one of Idealism, to a manager where a baby was born that would later give you my teaching of <em> Love One another </em> which, by the way, has been said in every religion during my time but said in a different way. I wanted to make sure everyone got it, the new message was Love. However, it would be love of the father, the God of Will.

 Religions Flourish

Religions flourished during my time, with all paying allegiance, at least in the Northern Hemisphere, to the God of Will. Isn't that a given, if you tune into my Idealism energy, spirituality is a given. Jews, the Aries followers, were overthrown. Christians, later Catholics, Muslims, every Protestant denomination thought of including Bahias, Amish, Christian Scientist, you name the religion, if it was formed during my time of 106 A. D. and 1994, you could say it's due to my influence.

 Everybody else a Heretic, Infidel

It was a bit tricky getting the different religions to fight each other as both were good and praised the God of Will. I learned from aries pisces what to do. I instilled into each of their consciousness; they were the Chosen People, all others were heretics, infidels. Each religion began to see themselves as good, with all others being evil. Hey, don't knock it. I turned out lots of heroes, fighting for the right. And while they were in a trance, being good, triumphing over Evil, they developed the attributes of the God of Will which was the objective.

 You'll Become the Creator

Before you become critical of the game I created during my time, put yourself in my shoes and see in my time in history, with the constraints I had, if you could do better. Love was not Love during my tenure but Love of God, of Will, of Strength. You were to develop your strength, your might, your courage, your power. Most of you did fantastic and are really strong, which you'll really need as now you'll need to turn inside, and get past all those flaws you see about yourself, to find your hidden love just waiting for you to discover it with the help now of the Goddess of Love.
 The Zodiac Month Ahead  Peace from Pain

What we all can expect from the forecast of our planetary skies, 19 February to 20 March.


<em> "The purpose of Pisces is in large degree the purpose of pain. This sign of spirituality is fittingly called "The Great Deep or Depth. " On the physical plane, the oceans are its counterpart, the seas that toss and surge in sounding, raging fury; yet, the same waters may sometimes reveal the placid power of sweetest peace in idyllic, silvery calm, and the lovely lull and lakelike beauty that make cognizable the tune, tempo, and harmony of the transcendental, a union with the one life of love through the Word of the world, sounding as tranquil tone. " </em> ~John Jocelyn

 Sun enters Pisces 19 February

As we transit into the last sign upon our Zodiac Wheel, we are soon to see a change of season as the innate energy of this mutable communicator advises the collective to be ready for adaptation and shift. Neptune shows Pisces how to admire the beauty of peace that can be found through absorbing and permeating the love within humanity. When compassion is necessary, the experience of self-sacrifice easily channels through how we see movement through where the Fish affect the vast ocean of our lives. COMPASSION is the COSMOS COMPASS that knows how to PASS ON IN MASS PAINS IN NO PANIC, and no other sign is more attuned to handling pain in peaceful ways.

 Mercury enters Aries 02 March

Our Messenger, a mere 10 days away from Retrograde, pops anew on the Zodiac Wheel. While Venus already has smoothed the path for what will be communicated here now, we'll have just a taste of Spring's energies to come before Retrograde begins 12 March. As Mercury will display alert mentalities while journeying with the Ram- direct and spontaneous forms of expression easily can find us. Patience can be a challenge as forceful energies prepare the stage for what we will all ultimately review as the Approach to our Messenger review time will have been ongoing since 27 February.


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