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Aries and Scorpio Comaptibility

Square  is the category that is least compatible in love star signs. Square is when two incompatible elements get together. aries and scorpio is fire, and fire is not compatible with earth and water. We will begin with earth which contains Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus:
  Aries/Taurus.  Taurus is the sign that follows Aries in the zodiac, so although this is a squared pairing it is one of the better ones. If you combine finances or concentrate on making money together this aries scorpio compatibility relationship could work. You will need to calm down your compulsive nature a little If you are not to upset the Taurean down to earth attitude. A Taurus demands loyalty and Aries are social butterflies so you would need to convince the bull of your loyalty. Sexually this coupling works well with your ruler Mars bringing the masculinity to the Venus femininity of Taurus.

Best match: Taurus born 21 to 29 April

Love star sign rating: It could work.

 Aries/virgo . The two of you seem so different and un-matched that you may never believe that a relationship could work between you. Virgos are critical and calculating, their perfectionist nature could drive you far away. In turn your fly away impulsiveness will not be alluring to a Virgo. Give a lot of thought before taking on this relationship. Sexually Virgo may be a little too reserved for your tastes.

Best match: Virgo born 14 to 23 Sept.

Love star rating: Cold.

Aries scorpio.  This really is not a good match. It will likely be a battle all the way. You are outgoing and enjoy being spontaneous and unbound by life and Capricorn is dependable and solid and likes to plan things and take life at a steady pace. You will come to feel trapped and hemmed in by Capricorn.

Best match: Capricorn born 1 to 9 Jan.

Love star sign rating: Brrrrrr!

The water element gives us Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces:

 Aries/Cancer.  Cancers are home loving, home-building people who like cosy nights in front of the fire and like to know exactly where they stand with their partner. This may be at odds with your fun-loving gregarious nature. You are both in the mode of cardinal which makes you creative and changeable. You desire change far more than the Cancerian and may need to tone down your ways a little, if that is possible with an Aries. If Cancer can control their jealous nature and let you be free as you were born to be it could work. Sexually you will click. Best match: Cancer born 2 to 14 July

Love star sign rating: warmer

 Aries/Scorpio.  You will find Scorpios fascinating and delighting and there will be a powerful chemistry between you. Conflict could arise because you will both want to dominate. Aries you are born to lead but Scorpio may creep up behind you to take your throne. Avoid fighting and clashing your wills and you could go far together. These clashes will inevitably happen though and the fall outs they cause will be happily made up in the bedroom where your passions will really prove how well you can be together.

Best match: Scorpio born 14 and 22 Nov

Love star sign rating: hot under the collar.

 Aries/pisces.  This is a relationship that is hard to make work. Initially it may look good and sexual impulses can be vey strong but eventually Pisces will put out your fire, probably not intentionally but it will happen. Pisces are very different from you and you may not be able to make continual allowances. You will always get love and support from your Pisces who will, as usual for a Pisces, give far more than they receive in return. The Pisces compassion and spiritual connection may at first fascinate you but it will not last the course. Best match: Pisces born 1 to 10 March

Love star sign rating: Throw this particular fish back.
It is quite likely that in any horoscope one or more planets will be placed in houses where they do not give favorable results. The degree of the adverse results will depend upon the strength of a planet and the houses owned by it. In this article we shall take a look at Mars and discuss appropriate remedial measures.


In Vedic astrology Mars is a remarkable planet in as much as that it is the only planet that never really becomes 'Neech' (Loses his capacity to give beneficial results). This may sound strange because we know that Cancer happens to be the sign where Mars becomes Neech at 28 degrees. However when in Cancer, Mars is fourth from his Mool Trikon Rashi (primary sign) Aries and ninth from his other Rashi Scorpio. This is peculiar to Mars alone and doesn't happen with any other planet. It is for this reason that for Cancer Lagna (ascendant) Mars remains a Yoga Karak (very beneficial planet) even when he is placed in Lagna in a Neech state.

Astrologically Mars is called Bhumi Putra in Sanskrit. This was a mystery to most people until modern science came up with the theory that Mars indeed broke off from earth when it collided with another heavenly body and the matter hived off into space became the genesis of Moon and Mars.

 Significations of Mars

Mars signifies younger brother, blood, red color, base and rotten things, military activities, commerce, air journeys, cloth weaving and public speaking. Intellectually he is the significator of logical and deductive thinking. Mars also signifies real estate in the form of buildings. (Undeveloped land comes under Saturn). He also represents independence, persistence and youthful age.

Mars is masculine and malefic and rules over fire places, boilers, furnaces, urinary system, enemies, wounds, organizing capacity, executive ability, leadership over laborers and police department.

Materials governed by him are copper, metals, mines, minerals and ores, gold fields, coral, weapons, lands and tobacco.

Diseases caused by Mars are rupture of veins and arteries, diseases of the bone marrow, hemorrhage, abortions, menstrual disorders, gonorrhea, rheumatism, cuts, burns and muscle atrophy all come under Mars.

Mars is a Kshatriya (Warrior) by caste, is of Masculine sex and rules over southern Direction. (it is for this reason that in Vastu Shastra (Hindu architecture) all heat producing implements like HVAC and kitchen are best sited in the south or southwest direction.)

 Weakness of Mars

Under certain circumstances Mars loses his power to give favorable results. This can happen when Mars is combust or very close to Sun. In this state, Mars is said to be set. The Sanskrit term for this is Ast.

When conjunct with his arch enemies Saturn and Rahu, Mars tends to give bad results. A similar thing happens when he is placed in 6, 8 and 12 houses.

Whatever the reason, weakness of Mars will create problems in all areas represented by him to some extent. Increasing affliction being responsible for increasing distress.

 Individual cases

Mars represents violence and blood spilling. When Mars is intimately connected to Ascendant and Ascendant lord, he makes one very violent. Moon represents mind, and Moon-Mars combination makes one mentally cruel. The fourth house and fourth lord also represent mind. If all factors or a majority of them occur in a chart, the person is definitely cruel and violent and will not hesitate to take a life to further his objectives.

For Aries ascendant, Mars becomes the Lagna and the eighth Lord. Both are houses of longevity. If such a Mars is associated with Rahu and Saturn, the life span suffers. The remedy will involve wearing a blood red Coral in a silver ring on the ring finger of the right hand and propitiation of the Rahu and Saturn through Mantra, Stotra fasting and donation.

For Aries ascendant, If Mars is placed in the fourth house, he generates the possibility of chest disease and loss of money. Happiness also takes a hit. Coral set in a silver ring helps.

For Scorpio ascendant, if Moon occupies it, Mars becomes a confirmed representative of blood because Moon herself represents blood. If Mars is then influenced by Rahu and Saturn, it is certain that blood and its flow will be adversely affected. A person with this combination can suffer from leukemia and similar diseases. If Mars is placed in the eighth house, there may be danger to life. The remedy will involve a red colored coral set in a silver ring and worn on the ring finger of right hand. This will take care of the weakness of Mars. The complications caused by Rahu and Saturn can be removed by mantra, fasting and donation.

 Mars and disease

If Mars as Lagna Lord is placed in 6, 8 or 12 houses, is influenced by Rahu and Saturn, and is not influenced by a benefic planet like Jupiter, full Moon or well associate Mercury, then there exists a strong possibility for muscle atrophy. The remedy as always is a coral ring.

 Mars and children

If Mars and/or Ketu aspect the fifth house as well as the fifth lord and significator for sons, Jupiter also comes under this influence, there is usually a problem connected to children. Either they are not there or their life is threatened. It must be remembered that Mars in the fifth house in Aries or Scorpio is not an insurance against what is mentioned above. Mars in the fifth house does not give favorable results. The remedy in this case would be to strengthen the fifth lord by wearing the gemstone connected to him. Mars in this case needs to be pacified through mantra, Stotra, fasting and donation.

If Aries or Scorpio Mars is in the fifth house, and Jupiter is afflicted, it will not be advisable to wear a Topaz to strengthen Jupiter. In such a case Mantra, fasting and donation will be needed for Jupiter also.

There is one positive result of the influence of Mars on the fifth house. Mars is the significator of constructive thought and deductive thinking. Fifth house amongst other things, is the house of ability to give sound advice. The combined result of the two makes one a successful consultant.

 Mars marriage -  Manglik, Mangal or Kuja Dosh

The seventh house deals with male-female relationships, and in the Indian context, with marriage. For a marriage to be successful; the seventh house and its lord should be strong. Significators for marriage - Jupiter for females and Venus for males should also be strong. Any weakness in any one of four factors will reduce Marital happiness

Mars as we all know is a potent Marak (killer) and kills quickly. There is no lingering death where Mars is involved. If the four factors mentioned above come under the influence of Mars it is quite likely that marriage will be cut short due to sudden death of one of the partners.

Mangal Dosh is a flaw which occurs when Mars occupies 1, 4, 7, 8, 12 in a horoscope. Some astrologers also include second house in this list.

Mars aspects the fourth, seventh and eighth house from where he is placed. When placed in Lagna, he aspects the seventh through his seventh aspect. Fourth house Mars harms the seventh house through his fourth aspect. In the seventh house the damage is done by the very placement of Mars. The eighth house aspect falls on the second house. Mars when placed in the eighth house aspects the second house which is the house of longevity of the life partner and shortens his/her life span. In the case of twelfth house the eighth house aspect falls on the seventh house.

When Mars falls in any one of the houses mentioned above, one needs to be very careful in matching charts of two people. Any carelessness can cost the couple dearly.

 Exceptions and exemptions to Mangal Dosh

If the seventh lord and the significator for seventh house (either Jupiter or Venus) are strong, Mangal Dosh loses its sting.

If Mars is placed in the second house in his own house - Aries or Scorpio - then too the Dosh is cancelled as Mars actually strengthens the house of marriage. Association and aspect of Saturn weakens Mars and cancels Manglik Dosh. Another factor that cancels this Dosh is an extremely high matching of charts in the Asht Koot system (eight fold compatibility), the seventh lord however should be strong.

 What one should not do in the case of Manglik Dosh

One must never wear a Coral under any circumstance. This will reinforce Mars and actually increase the extent of the problem. The remedy lies in propitiation of Mars through Mantra, fasting and donation and reinforcing the seventh house lord through the appropriate gemstone.


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